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One advantage of hiring Dryer Vent Cleaners Bellaire is the simple fact that he or she has probably seen all the various types of dryers and has the correct and most advanced equipment and knowledge on how to properly clean your dryer vent without causing any trouble. Some people opt to do the job themselves, but most of the time, they end up wasting time and money for no reason. Some of the do-it-yourself kits do not always correctly clean vent ducts. It is suggested that you clean your dryer vents once a year, but also very important to inspect the vent and hoses every six months for blockages. Not only will cleaning your vent keep your family and pets safe, but you’ll be improving the energy efficiency of your dryer too. We all know that means tons of money saved on your electric bill. The investment is well worth it. Give our experienced dryer vent cleaning specialist a call to get rid of all your dryer build up lint. Dryer Vent Cleaning Bellaire has the solution to any duct or vent cleaning problems you are having. Give our 24 hour telephone operators a call today or fill in the form below and we will contact you shortely and give you a free quote.

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We specialize in cleaning residential or commercial dryer vents as well as air ducts. In 2010, household appliances were the cause for more than 16,000 house fires. Lint can accumulate in your dryer vent or vent ducts, reducing the air flow and backing up exhaust gases which can cause a fire over time. You should consider cleaning out your dryer vents if your clothes take a long time to dry, if the outside of your dryer is extremely hot, you notice a burning smell, or if the vent hood flap doesn't close properly. Also, if it’s been a year since the last time you got your dryer vents cleaned it may be time to call our experts and get help.